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David Archuleta Tried Marrying Women 3 Times Before Coming Out

David Archuleta Tried Marrying Women 3 Times Before Coming Out

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“I’ve had a faith crisis this year, so I’ve had to deconstruct everything”

Once again, former American Idol finalist David Archuleta has opened up to Good Morning America about his journey to embracing his sexuality as a former Mormon.

Archuleta first opened up about his sexuality on GMA after posting on his Instagram about it . At the time, he was still a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Now, he says, that's changed.

In a recent interview with Good Morning America , Archuleta revealed how his relationship with church leaders in the LDS church affected his coming out journey -- and where he stands with the church now.

"I've taken a step away," Archuleta said when asked if he's still a member of the LDS church. "I've had a faith crisis this year, so I've had to deconstruct everything."

The distance between Archuleta and the church was solidified when he met with one of the LDS leaders, called Apostles, after coming out publicly.

"I think three times in that conversion, he said, 'Well, maybe we just need to find you a good girl. Maybe you can find a good girl.' And I'm like, 'That's not the solution,'" Archuleta revealed.

"I said, 'Can you see why I'm thinking so much? Because I'm trying everything I can to find a way to still belong here because this has meant so much to me,'" he continued.

Archuleta still defends most members of the church, saying that it's the church structure, not the people, who have had a problem with him coming out.

He also revealed that not only did he consider taking his own life, but also tried to convince himself to marry three different women over the years.

"You're trying to decide what's worse? Is it worse for this feeling of desiring men to finally explode where I can't control it anymore and you look at it as if that's Satan trying to take over my soul? Or, is it better for me to end my life and, that way, I'm free from that temptation?" he said he would ask himself.

"It got to the point where I realized you know what, there's something in me telling me that there's value to me still living, even if I was queer," he said. "And that was really hard for me to accept because my church wasn't outright aggressive to gay people, but it's a very passive-aggressive stern stance they have about it."

While church leaders are still wanting to meet with Archuleta, he says he's confident in himself enough to never go back to hiding who he really is.

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