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Tyler Posey Confirmed a New Teen Wolf Movie Is Officially Happening

Tyler Posey Confirmed a New Teen Wolf Movie Is Officially Happening

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The pack is back!

Teen Wolf is coming back for a new movie next year, and we are howling with delight!

Variety reported this morning that Teen Wolf's creator Jeff Davis has signed on to create a new Teen Wolf movie based on the hit MTV series for Paramount Plus. Davis will write and executive produce the film, which will be released in 2022.

We don't know everyone who will be returning from the original cast, but we do know that our favorite Alpha, Scott McCall (played by sexually fluid actor Tyler Posey) will definitely be back.

The movie will see a terrifying evil emerge in the town of Beacon Hills. "The wolves are howling once again, calling for the return of Banshees, Werecoyotes, Hellhounds, Kitsunes, and every other shapeshifter in the night," the description of the film reads. "But only a Werewolf like Scott McCall, no longer a teenager yet still an Alpha, can gather both new allies and reunite trusted friends to fight back against what could be the most powerful and deadliest enemy they've ever faced."

Posey posted about the news on his Twitter, sharing a video of fans begging for more Teen Wolf. "We've heard your howls," the video says. "And we're howling back."

Several of the main cast members have come out since the show originally aired on MTV. Back in 2016, Colton Haynes (who played the hunky Jackson Whittemore on the original show) came out, leading to his character reappearing in season six as an openly gay man in a relationship with a male werewolf.

More recently, Teen Wolf's star, Posey, has been opening up more and more about his sexuality. After revealing that he's been with trans women and "hooked up with guys before," Posey said that his current partner, the queer musician Phem, helped him to realize that he's also queer and sexually fluid.

The Teen Wolf movie is a part of an overall deal for the show's creator Jeff Davis, who is also making a new werewolf show for Paramount Plus based on Edo Van Belkom's Wolf Pack books. That show will follow a group of teens drawn together after a mysterious wildfire, who realize they are bonded by the bite of a werewolf.

We don't know how many gay actors or characters will be in that show, but if its anything like Teen Wolf, you know we'll be tuning in.

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