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Gabrielle Union Opens Up About Taking Zaya To Her First Pride

Zaya Wade and Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union has been one of the best moms a trans kid could ask for, and in a recent interview with radio station Power 105, she opened up some more about what she’s willing to do for her daughter Zaya.

In the interview, Union talks about the first time she took her daughter Zaya to a Pride parade, and how it changed her life.

Union says she and Zaya were having a mom-daughter day, setting up some fun at a Drag Queen Bingo event at a local restaurant when Union was asked if she’d want to be a part of the restaurant’s Pride float. It just so happened that their Pride float was Bring It On themed, and they couldn’t pass on the chance to ask the legendary actress, who starred in the beloved 2000 teen comedy movie, to participate.

As soon as Union brought the idea up to Zaya, her eyes lit up. “Pride? I’ve always wanted to go to Pride,” she said to her mom. 

“She was like ‘I’ve always wanted to go,’ basically like see my people, you know,” Union recounted. “And I was like, ‘I’ve been to Pride all over the world! I’m good in these Pride streets!’

Union said that if she was going to take Zaya to her first Pride, they were gonna do it right, and bring her whole community with her. “Family, friends, teachers, tutors, coaches, everyone came out. And they all walked along the float the whole parade route,” Union said. “And watching Zaya on that float, watching her in her community, come alive, it was like she was being birthed on that float.”

She knows that that moment might never have happened for Zaya if they hadn’t gone to the celebration. “It comes from exposing her, and giving her access to her community,” Union said. “So she could see all the possibilities of the world, and know that there is a space and a place for all of us. And a community that is here, welcoming you with open arms.”

It’s all about “the beauty of community, and giving access to community,” Union said, and we couldn’t agree more.

So many queer people say that their life changed the first time they got to be around other queer people. It opens your eyes and lets you see a future for yourself that you never knew was possible, and for Zaya, that moment happened at Pride.

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