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Ryan Murphy Clapped Back at Complaints About 'Gay Pervert' Characters

Ryan Murphy Clapped Back at Complaints About 'Gay Pervert' Characters


The Emmy-winning writer, director, and producer has a few words for his Twitter critics!

Ryan Murphy has been giving the gays everything they've been wanting on television for years, and yes, like it or not, sometimes that includes characters who just so happen to be chaotic, messy, gay perverts.

In a hilarious Twitter exchange that took place last night, the Emmy-winning writer, producer, and director of beloved, LGBTQ-inclusive series like Pose, Glee, American Horror Story, American Crime Story, Hollywood, and more responded in the best way to a stan who complained about how his shows have too many "gay perverted addicts" in them.

"Can Ryan Murphy write a season without [gay] perverted addicts???" one Twitter user asked. "I feel like he's used this trope a million times."

"I will always write gay perverted addicts, sorry," Murphy responded when he caught wind of the tweet!

But that wasn't the only clap back Murphy had in store for us on Wednesday night!

"Is there a support group for people who would curbstomp Ryan Murphy if they saw him on the street but also watch every single one of his stupid little shows?" another Twitter user asked in a thread, responding to another user's love for the alien-filled American Horror Story: Double Feature billboards that are currently all over the city of Los Angeles at the moment.

"Let's start one," he replied succinctly, being a good sport and taking the whole thread in stride.

When we grow up, we aspire to Ryan Murphy levels of unbotheredness!

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