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Jack Harlow Was Honored to Collab With Lil Nas X on 'Industry Baby'


Jack Harlow wants everyone to know that he fully appreciates getting to work with our favorite rapper, Lil Nas X.

Though their latest single "Industry Baby" did receive its unfair share of homophobic hate from trolls with nothing better to do than complain about an out-and-proud gay artist pushing boundaries and queering up the otherwise oppressively heterosexual music world, Harlow took to social media to let everyone know that he was, in fact, honored to get to collaborate with one of the most important queer artists to come in the past few years. 

"Nas wrote the whole treatment for this video and I followed his lead every step of the way," Harlow wrote in his tweet, revealing that he would have totally been a part of the twerktastic music video's now-infamous naked shower scene if he was asked.

"If he had asked me to be in that shower scene I woulda been in that shower scene," he said. "I just let the mastermind cook. Honored to be a part of it."

Now, if you think the revelation of Harlow willing to jump in the showers with X is surprising, imagine how X himself felt when he heard it. 

"Wait!!! I didn’t know! Let’s shoot it again! Please Jack Harlow!!! Please," X tweeted jokingly, probably echoing the sentiments of many who would have loved to see him and Harlow hit the shower together. 

"To the LGBTQ+ community, I sincerely apologize," he later tweeted, again jokingly. "I have failed you. I am embarrassed. I am ashamed. And I will learn from my mistakes."

X then revealed that he would love to perform "Industry Baby" with Jack at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards, butt naked and for charity, of course. (It's like he's reading our minds or something!!) 

All jokes aside, this is the kind of allyship we love to see! 

Watch the "Industry Baby" music video below!

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