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Billie Eilish Fans Think She Came Out After Queerbaiting Accusations


Did Billie Eilish just come out of the closet? Well, that's what many of her fans are wondering this week after a recent Instagram post left them with more questions than answers...

For context, the 19-year-old Grammy-winning popstar released her latest single "Lost Cause" earlier this month, an ode to a deadbeat ex that is one hell of a bop! The music video for the track is also a sapphic dream, featuring Billie having the time of her life with a group of girlfriends at a slumber party in a big and beautiful mansion.

While the video looks like a lot of fun, there are some sensual moments in the clip where Billie and friends are rolling around on top of each other in bed, and some critics of the video have accused Eilish, who to date has not really talked openly about her sexuality before, of queerbaiting (i.e. hinting at queerness as a marketing technique for views/clout).

Well, taking to her Instagram account yesterday, Eilish posted some behind-the-scenes pics from the filming of the "Lost Cause" video, and with the caption simply stating "I love girls," many are reading it as a response to queerbaiting allegations — and a public coming out. 

Almost immediately, fans started speculating about what was going on, and if the Grammy winner's cryptic caption was some kind of public, coming-out message. 

"WHAT'S HAPPENING?! PLS NORMALIZE CONTEXT BABE," one eager fan commented. 


And another reassured the "Bad Guy" singer that, indeed, many members of her loyal fanbase would still love her no matter what, saying,"Girls love you too Billie." 

Eilish hasn't offered any follow-up or response to her "I love girls" post, so we'll just have to wait and see how all of this plays out. We'll be streaming "Lost Cause" on loop in the meantime. 

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