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Soccer Stars Ali Krieger, Ashlyn Harris Announce Adoption of Daughter

Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger at a Tag Heuer store.

"This is the best Valentine's Day gift we've ever received!"

Some jokingly refer to Valentine's Day as Surprise Boyfriend day --this is routinely the day where someone you were following on social media reveals a partner you never knew about. While we have long been in the loop about soccer stars Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris, particularly given their blow-out wedding at the end of 2019, we weren't aware of their journey to expand their family. Now, the two have announced that they have adopted a daughter.

"Dear Birth Mom," Krieger wrote to Instagram. "Our promise to you: We promise Sloane will be loved every single day by us, our friends, and our family. We promise to give her the tools to live a happy, successful life of inclusivity and support. We promise to share her adoption story with her from the very beginning and celebrate every milestone!"

The pair join a growing group of queer parents like Brandi Carlisle and her wife, Ricky Martin and Jwan Josef, Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen, and many more. They had previously discussed the possibility of having children in an Allure cover story but pointed out that something would have to give in someone's career for that to happen. As the two are in the thrust of their high-profile careers there are time periods where they only can get home for seven days in a three month period.

"We promise to be open-minded and respect your wishes to have future communication and that she will always know how much you love her!" Krieger wrote

According to the post, the baby was born on February 12 and her name is Sloane Phillips.

"Welcome to our family, Sloane Phillips," Krieger continued. "We are so in love with you already! This has been one of the most beautiful yet stressful processes I've ever experienced with you Ashlyn and I love you even more throughout this journey if that's possible. When we first dated, we always spoke about adoption and always wanted to give a child a loving, happy, and stable home. I cannot wait to give her the world and be the best Mom I can with you right by my side."

In Harris' post she made similar promises to the birth mom and also wrote a section to Krieger.

"My heart is exploding with joy," she wrote. "We did it baby! All of the ups and downs, tears, stress, and anxiety was worth it to have this beautiful blessing in our arms. We are building what we've always dreamt of. You both are my everything and I promise to always do right by the both of you. I love you so much.

"To all adoptive families out there: Wow, we see you," she continued later in the post. "Whew, this has been a very stressful process. I'm hopeful to tell our story one day but for now ... we can breathe again."

Congratulations to the family.

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