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Jonathan Bailey Reveals This Disney Prince Was His First Crush

Jonathan Bailey shirtless in Bridgerton

He also talked about an embarassing encounter with Rihanna. 

In a recent video feature with Harper'sBazaar U.K., Bridgerton hottie Jonathan Bailey talked about his first crush, his best date, and an embarrassing run in with superstar Rihanna on a dancefloor.

"My first crush was probably Anita in Heartbreak High," Bailey said in the video, "and if not Anita, it was Prince Eric, from Little Mermaid. With the big blue eyes, and just, the whole idea of wanting to be onshore with Prince Eric is pretty dreamy."

While Prince Eric left him feeling starstruck as a young person, he also revealed which celeb made him feel that way more recently. "Last year, we went to the Netflix party, and I was introduced to Rihanna," he said, he was there as a result of Bridgerton, which is the first series from Shonda Rhimes' massive deal. This is where the story gets good.

After he was introduced to her, Rihanna left the party to go do some Rihanna things and then came back. Bailey was feeling confident, "Yeah I was just introduced to her! I'll go say hello," he said he thought. Bailey not only tried talking to her, but tried dancing with her.

That's when "her team sort of enveloped her and made it very clear that perhaps that was not my little space to get down," the actor alleges.

"We don't do that to RiRi," a fellow partygoer told him after pulling him aside. Bailey wasn't deterred.

"I said, 'no, you don't, I do!'" he recounted. "I walked out of the party and got in a taxi and went home."

In the eight minute video, Bailey also answers questions about the most romantic thing anyone's ever done for him ("running a bath and then sitting with you," he says), says he dances "like a mom at a wedding," and talks about getting a "lemon curd facial" at his first job.

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