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Omar Ayuso's Photo With a Nude Guy Was Censored by Instagram

Omar Ayuso on Instagram.

What is going on?!

UPDATED (5/19/2020): After racking up hundreds of thousands of likes, Omar Ayuso's racy photo featuring a nude torso was censored by Instagram according to a new post by the Elite actor. In a new caption the star called the post an ode to love. He has since reposted it alone.

ORIGINAL (5/18/2020): There's no right or wrong way to start this story. Truly! So we're going to start with: what is going on in here on this day?!

In a new Instagram post, Omar Ayuso appears seemingly in a screenshot of a FaceTime call. In the photo, Ayuso is partially in shadows -- you know, photos while social distancing sort of thing. He's shirtless, which is always nice, but in the bottom right-hand corner of the image is another figure.

Like in a FaceTime call, another figure appears. In this sort of setup, the photo would have had to come from this faceless, nameless figure but that's pretty unimportant. What's more important is the guy appears to be completely nude, in a bedroom with Omar watching.

I will say here, again: What is going on in here on this day?! (Edit: Though the photo was removed from his Instagram grid, Ayuso also posted the photo on his story. We have also reposted a screenshot here.)

Omar Ayuso on Instagram.

While this is all a bit alarmist for the sake of nothing, we will say that this is definitely the peak of our day. We aren't sure what's going on, and we're going to leave the speculation to you, but if Ayuso wants to provide any more material he surely can!

A month ago the star of Netflix's Elite was showing the whole world his bush -- which we wholeheartedly support. Since he's been posting photos of himself and friends, no doubt biding his time during quarantine. If this is what we can expect from the future, we're going to go ahead and turn our notifications on.

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