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'Elite's Omar Ayuso Just Posted His Whole Bush on Instagram

Omar Ayuso on a Red Carpet

Talk about a thirst trap.

If you're a huge fan of Elite you may be going through withdrawals. The show's third season came out over a month ago and it's likely that you've binged all of the episodes and gotten all that you can out of Omar and Ander. But now, Omar is giving us a little something extra.

Omar Ayuso, who plays Omar on the series, took to Instagram to reveal a bit more of himself to his followers. Yes, my friends, a full bush.

Real fans of the show likely already knew that Ayuso is one of the more ... hirsute celebrities out there. In season one of Elite, he and Ander, played by Aron Piper, get fully naked in quite an intimate scene. it seems quite pivotal for the pair's relationship. And while the good feels from that scene no doubt still linger in our hearts, so does the image of Ayuso's hairy legs.

In the caption of the revealing -- but not too revealing -- photo, Ayuso wrote "no se ve desde arriba." A quick Google translate says that means "Not seen from above." We're not sure exactly what that means but Out social editor Javy Rodriguez revised the translation to "You can't see it from the top." And well ... that makes a lot more sense!

While we aren't sure yet what is going to happen in seasons four and five of Elite, Ayuso already has another project to work on. According to IMDB he will play another character named Omar in a film called 8 Anos. That gay drama follows a character named David, reminiscing on an eight-year relationship. It is unclear where Ayuso's character comes in to play.

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