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Nico Tortorella Wants You to Know Their Position In Bed

Nico Tortorella and Daniel Newman on the red carpet.

'Walking Dead's Daniel Newman is up for sharing too.

Well, it's that time. After years of many celebrities playing coy or outright getting offended by questions of what bunk they occupy, a pair of actors have decided it's time to stop being polite and start getting real! And though it's not as full-throated as Haaz Sleiman's coming out wherein he told the world that he was not only gay but also a total bottom, they were still as honest as they come.

First up was Walking Dead's Daniel Newman. In a tweet earlier this month, Newman told the world that he's "too lazy to bottom," which ... fair!

"I'm a TOP," he tweeted to a fan who had made a joke calling him a bottom. "I'm too lazy to bottom! Lol. Maybe if I got married. But I'm also always super attracted to Tops so I guess whoever is strong enough and can pin down the other wins that night."

So vers top? Ok, ok cool. That's ... ok, bet. Bisexual, vers top, got it.

Next up was Nico Tortorella, known in part for their role on Younger but who will also appear in a Walking Dead spin-off. On Sunday, the married actor posted a "gay sitting alignment chart" to their Instagram Stories. You know, the kind: since no gays (or queers in general) can sit correctly in a chair as designed, these charts help everyone figure out their position by how they sit. According to this chart, tops sort of sprawl over the chair.

"This is how I was sitting when I read this meme," Tortorella wrote in a screenshot posted to PinkNews. "For the record. (but more here, depends on the day y'all.)" For the latter part of the message, they had underlined a figure with one leg bent and the other extended to the floor. The chart categorized it as how vers guys sit.

Well ... nice to know this of the polyamorous, nonbinary performer. In case, you know, we see them on the apps and need to make polite conversation.

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