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Luke Evans and His Boyfriend Went Instagram Official

Luke Evans in a diptych with his boyfriend.

Well ladies, it looks like actor (and now singer) Luke Evans is offiicially off the market. Over the weekend, the stunner posted a throwback video of him and Rafael Olarra enjoying their time in Hawaii. 

“He loves my Welsh humour,” Evans wrote in a caption. “No, honestly!! He does!!” He hashtagged the post with Hawaii memories and happiness. It’s likely that the video, which just features the two smiling at one another, was taken over the Christmas holidays. The pair took a shirtless trip to the island then. It should be noted that both guys have previously posted photos of one another together.

The pair haven’t said “we’re dating” that we can find but all these uber cute pictures together, as well as the comments (Evans wrote “lindo” meaning “cute” on one of Olarra’s posts), we know the tea. 

Yes Evans is a celebrity but Olarra is a busy man himself! He runs marathons, is a set designer, creative director and art director apparently! He’s worked with German Vogue, Moschino, the Faena in Miami, and more. Mr. Porter just said he has the “best job in Miami.” A busy man indeed!

Evans is as well. Fresh off of almost getting his dick cut off by Octavia Spencer in Ma (we’re sure Olarra might have an issue or two with that), he’s set to lead The Pembrokeshire Murders as Officer Steve Wilkins. The three-part series will see Evans’ character pursue a cold-blooded serial killer. Filming began last month and the show will air on ITV in the U.K.

“It is a privilege to be playing the role of Steve Wilkins in The Pembrokeshire Murders and working again with Simon Heath, his team at World Productions and ITV,” Evans said in a statement. “It’s a huge responsibility for me as the drama depicts a true crime which to this day still affects the families of those whose lives were tragically taken.”

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