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Mark Ronson Is Actually Heterosexual — Just Like You All Thought


The producer is now clarifying earlier comments on being sapiosexual.

Mark Ronson is still making headlines with a thrilling update to his announcement that he's a sapiosexual.

After being roundly mocked online for his announcement, Ronson has sheepishly clarified that he never meant to make it at all. The fuss began a few days ago with an interview on a British talk show. Hosts asked him if he was familiar with the term, which he had only just heard for the first time while waiting backstage. Sapiosexual is defined as an attraction to people based on intelligence, but many have criticized it as either elitist, or disingenuous.

Ronson shrugged and said, "That sounds great. Of course, who wouldn't be?"

"Out and proud on Good Morning Britain," said host Ben Shepard.

That noncommittal response was spun up into coverage, much of it framing Ronson as having intentionally come out in some way comparable to being queer. But that was never his intent, he now says.

"I do not consider myself part of any marginalized community, and I apologize if anybody misunderstood or took offense to it," Ronson told Rolling Stone.

It was actually another guest on the show, British journalist Nichi Hodgson, who was eager to declare sapiosexuality. "I date men and women and identify as bisexual, and I realised the thing that linked all people that I have dated has been their brains," Hodgson said.

Ronson's dating past includes actress Rashida Jones, a Harvard graduate. He's also been linked to singer Samantha Urbani, actress Josephine de La Baume, and Saturday Night Live talent executive Rebecca Schwartz.

He says that coverage of his comments has been a bit of an embarrassment.

"It sounds like I went on a TV show to be, like, 'Guys, I have some big news!'" he said. "And the fact that I would go on and sort of declare myself -- like, as a heterosexual white male -- part of any marginalized community was terrifying to me, or just embarrassing."

According to Ronson, an activist friend urged him to clarify his statement, which he did in a live interview at Ralph Lauren's New York City Prince Street location. Rolling Stone has released a clip of this interview, with the full video being made available next week.

"If I said something that I knew was incendiary or offensive or racist or homophobic, of course, I would correct it in a second," Ronson said, "but this just feels so crazy to me."

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