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Wilson Cruz’s Body On Instagram Is the Pride Present We Deserve

Wilson Cruz

Say it with me everyone: Gay. Rights.

With Pride season in full swing -- who is headed to Baltimore this weekend? -- you can expect to see quite a few shirtless guys out and about. But few will rival the torso of one Wilson Cruz.

On Friday, the actor uploaded a photo to Instagram, featuring the straps of his backpack, chinos and one, two, three, four ... seven .. well then there's two obliques on each side ... at least 11 abdominal muscles. Looks like that Star Trek gig is doing a body good!

"I was going to keep this one off the feed and just keep it in the story," he wrote to Instagram. Wait, why? The homophobia almost leapt out! "Got shy about it for some reason. Then I thought, meh it's Pride and also, when I'm 90, I'm going to appreciate I was able and willing to put the work in to get myself there."

You know who is not 90, has two thumbs and is already appreciating it Mr. Cruz? Us. We are.

He continued the comment on Twitter.

"45 and I've never felt better," he wrote. "Thanks for those [Puerto Rican] genes mom and dad." The love understandably poured in from fans, to which he later responded.

"My brown boys I feel the love. Overwhelmed by it. I want you to take all of it and give yourself the same. I'm holding a mirror up to you hoping you see how beautiful perfect and necessary you are. We need you. Take whatever inspiration you take from me, use it and pass it on!"

This is going to be a Pride to remember.

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