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Watch Anne Hathaway Meet RuPaul and Cry

Watch Anne Hathaway Meet RuPaul and Cry

Watch Anne Hathaway Meet RuPaul and Cry

The Oscar winner isn’t just a ‘Drag Race’ stan, she’s a Monet X Change stan.

As part of her press tour for The Hustle, Anne Hathaway was a guest on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and while they obviously had to plug the film, the conversation eventually turned to which TV shows Hathaway is currently obsessed with. She admitting to loving Game of Thrones (although she feels bad about enjoying something so violent) and bingeing Killing Eve. And then she confessed that she lives for RuPaul's Drag Race.

"I love that show so much," she gushed.

Colbert then told Hathaway that Mama Ru was his guest the following night and asked if she had a message for him to pass along. "I couldn't talk -- just say I love you," she stuttered adorably.

Then -- surprise -- RuPaul entered from backstage in a silver suit that was on theme with the very suit Hathaway was wearing. He gave the Oscar winner a big hug as she broke into tears. "I love you so much," she cried as they embraced.

They exclaimed over their matching looks before taking their seats beside Colbert, who asked Ru if he had anything he'd like to say to the tears actress.

"Darling, you are the winner of this week's challenge," he drawled as Hathaway wiped her eyes. "Shantay you stay."

Colbert then asked Hathaway about her favorite part of the show and, gag of all gags, she revealed that she'd been captivated by "Monet X Change's entire journey."

"The growth between season 10 and [All Stars 4] and the way she stepped her pussy up," she sobbed -- she didn't win that Oscar for nothing, honey. "Because I feel like since I starting being an actress I learned how to step my pussy up. Our pussies are up and I'm just thrilled for her. And me." Legends stanning legends!

As the segment ended, Colbert's band played the show off with an...interesting rendition of "Supermodel," which I doubt we'll be hearing on Drag Race anytime soon.

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