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In an Effort to 'Straighten' Things Out, Actor Reveals His Boyfriend

'Plebs' and 'The Crown' actor Ryan Sampson just came out as gay by tweeting a picture of his boyfriend.

“Here’s a pic of me and the boyf,” tweeted Ryan Sampson. “Just to, y’know… straighten that one out.”

What do you do if some jerks start talking to you and don't realize you're gay and start saying homophobic stuff like "gay people lay eggs" and "gay people eat the eggs they lay"? That's easy. Just whip out your same-sex partner and say, "Aha! I've been gay this whole time!"

That's what Ryan Sampson did, Gay Star News reports. After some internet rando left him some unwanted anti-gay DMs, Sampson -- a 33-year-old English actor best known for his roles on Plebs, DoctorWho, and Netflix's The Crown -- decided to shut down the interaction and all future ones like it by publicly confirming that he has a boyfriend.

"Hi y'all," Sampson tweeted last Wednesday. "I was on Instagram and I looked at my direct messages and it turned out someone was trying to rope me in to some (pretty creaky) homophobic banter. Huh! So, for clarity, here's a pic of me and the boyf. Just to, y'know... straighten that one out. As it were."

Again, this plan of action only works if you have a same-sex partner ready to whip out at a moment's notice. If you don't have a same-sex partner handy, your best course of action would be to say "Please stop it I don't like this!" Or you could say nothing, fume all day, and then pen a 37-post Twitter thread about how the homophobic trope of the egg-eating homosexual causes real, material harm to the LGBTQ+ community. If you're hot and famous, there's still a chance your thread will get picked up by Gay Star News, Queerty, Pink News, Gay Times, and, um, us over here at Out. No guarantees, though.

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