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Lady Gaga Celebrates Her Oscar Win By … Hanging Out With Madonna?!

Lady Gaga and Madonna hung out after the Oscars.

After snatching up the O in her half-completed EGOT — winning the Academy Award for best original song for “Shallow” at last night’s Oscars ceremony — Lady Gaga surprised us all by doing something we never thought she’d do.

She hung out with Madonna — seemingly by choice!

In a photo taken at Madonna and Guy Oseary’s Oscars after-party by French photographer JR, the singer-slash-actress is seen lying on the ground, wearing her Oscars gown — not the strapless, sculpted Alexander McQueen one she wore on the red carpet, but the strapped and billowing one she wore to perform “Shallow” with A Star Is Born co-star Bradley Cooper and, later, accept the award — holding her trophy.



Cradling Gaga is none other than Madonna, and both of them appear to be having a good, voluntary time!

Not to be, ahem… reductive and boil everything down to that weird, on-and-off feud they’ve allegedly had for the past eight or nine years, but a photo like this was kind of a surprise, right? Yes, I know they took a photo together at the 2015 Met Gala, but they haven’t exactly been super warm to one another since. And this photo looks warm! I can feel the warmth! If that’s just acting, then someone grab Olivia Colman and steal the little gold man right out of her charming little British fingers because we have a NEW best actress in town. 

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