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Looks Like Ellen Skipped Dakota Johnson's Birthday to Hang with Bush

Dakota Johnson

Things get real awkward when the talk show host accused the actress of not inviting her to a birthday party.


Things got messy when Dakota Johnson made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently. And while the awkwardness onscreen was remarkable, what Twitter sleuths found online provided the most unexpected twist yet.

Johnson sat down with the comedian last Wednesday and the interview had barely begun when things got a little awkward. The 30-year-old Peanut Butter Falcon actress discussed her 30th birthday celebration to which DeGeneres questioned why she didn't receive an invitation. Yet it turned out DeGeneres was invited but decided to skip the party.

Here's the clip:

"Actually, no. That's not the truth, Ellen," Johnson responded when the comedian accused her of forgetting to invite her. "You were invited. Last time I was on the show last year, you gave me a bunch of shit about not inviting you. But I didn't even know you wanted to be invited." When DeGeneres says, who doesn't want to be invited to a party, Johnson continues.

"Well I didn't even know you liked me!" she said.

"Of course I like you," the host responded. "You knew I liked you! You've been on the show many times and don't I show ... like?" There is a small but definitively awkward pause, before Johnson moves on.

"But I did invite you but you didn't come," she finished. The two go back and forth about it, DeGeneres insisting she didn't get invited. Johnson tells her to ask her producer Jonathan, who can be heard in the background confirming that the talk show host received an invite.

"I was invited why didn't I go?" DeGeneres asked, to which her team can be heard in the background saying, "you were out of town".

"Oh yeah I had that thing," she replied quickly,

And while that is awkward by itself, Twitter sleuths have given us another twist: it turns out Johnson's party took place on the very same weekend that DeGeneres was spotted hanging out with George W. Bush at the Dallas Cowboys-Green Bay Packers game in Texas. The party was the night before the game in fact! Maybe you don't remember but the talk show host and living queer icon caught a load of flack for the appearance, most of which she brushed off.

Yikes. I don't know about you but I'd much rather hang out with Dakota Johnson than a war criminal and someone who supported and enabled anti-LGBTQ+ policies while occupying the most powerful political role in our country.

In the end all seemed well. DeGeneres thanked Johnson for the unused invite to which the star responded, "you're welcome."

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