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Lil Peep’s Mother Claims Management Team Supplied Him with Drugs

Lil Peep’s Mother Claims Management Team Supplied Him with Drugs

Lil Peep’s Mother Claims Management Team Supplied Him with Drugs

Liza Womack is suing her son’s team, who she claims encouraged him to take “an excessive amount of Xanax,” which lead to his death by overdose.

The mother of bisexual rapper Lil Peep is suing his management and tour company, nearly two years after his death. Liza Womack claims that First Access Entertainment not only encouraged her son to use drugs but provided them, leading to a downward spiral that ended with his death in 2017 from an overdose of Xanax and fentanyl.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Womack says that during a London stop on her son's The Peep Show tour, one of his manager's "gifted" him with a bottle of pills at a group party. She also claims that through the rest of his life, the rapper was regularly supplied with Xanax, ketamine, and other drugs. At a May 10, 2017 show, Womack said her son was "barely able to communicate, let alone perform, due to his use of drugs," and that his managers let him perform despite his "comatose-like state."

According to his mother, the 21-year-old performer repeatedly told his team that he wanted to quit the tour, but they ignored his deterioration and instead "pushed [Peep] onto stage after stage in city after city, plying and propping" him with more drugs. At the last show of his life in El Paso, Texas, the rapper's manager Belinda Mercer -- who Womack says was sexually involved with her son -- allegedly urged him to take "an excessive amount of Xanax" so he would become ill and the tour insurance would cover canceling the show. All this, Womack claims, led to her son's eventual overdose and death.

First Access Entertainment, responded to the suit in a statement to Vulture, calling the rapper's death a "terrible tragedy," but saying that the claim that they were "somehow responsible for, complicit in, or contributed to his death is categorically untrue." They instead allege that they "consistently encouraged Peep to stop abusing drugs and to distance himself from the negative influence of the drug users and enablers with whom he chose to associate...It is extremely disappointing that Peep's mother would file this meritless lawsuit. We will not hesitate to defend ourselves against this groundless and offensive lawsuit. We look forward to its swift dismissal."

The suit also coincides with a documentary about Lil Peep, Everything's Everything, the first trailer for which dropped last week.

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