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This Gay X-Man Is Getting the Cute, Queer Prom of His Dreams

This Gay X-Man Is Getting the Cute, Queer Prom of His Dreams

Marvel Comics

And it's all thanks to another queer member of the X-Men!

The newest gay X-Men member is helping the oldest gay X-Men member do something he'd only dreamed of.

According to a report from ScreenRant, in the new Marauders Annual #1 comic (written by Steve Orlando with art by Creees Hyunsung Lee and Rain Beredo), Bobby Drake -- a.k.a Iceman, one of the original X-Men and a gay superhero -- is able to have the gay prom date of his dreams thanks to Somnus.

In the issue, Kate Pride is putting together a new Marauder's team when she recruits Somnus to join her. When she goes to find him, he's with Bobby Drake and his new boyfriend, Christian Frost, the brother to Emma Frost.

With Somnus' power, he gives Bobby and Christian the gay prom they never got to have. It's a super sweet moment that many of us wish we could experience. And, as if it wasn't already amazing, the dancefloor turns into Christian's homophobic father, so they get stomp on his face all night long.

ice man prom

Marvel Comics

Since he came out, Bobby has talked about how he missed out on a lot of typical growing-up experiences, as he was both in the closet and was a mutant. He never got to have a normal high school life, but now thanks to Somnus, he can.

Somnus was introduced last year in Marvel Voices: Pride #1 as the latest queer mutant to join the X-Men. With his power of "total control of people's dreams," he's not only a powerful fighter but also perfect for helping other queer characters live out their wildest fantasies.

In his first lifetime, he wasn't able to come out, and died an old man who never got to be his full self. But he was resurrected by Daken, and he's able to live the life he never could. He's also happy to be using his power to help others get the second chance at queer happiness that he now has.

Marauders Annual #1 is in comic book shops now.

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