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Marvel Confirms 'Guardians of the Galaxy's Star-Lord is Bi and Poly

Shirtless Chris Pratt as Star-Lord

We love to see it.

Space just got a little gayer, as Marvel Comics character Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord is poly and bisexual in the latest issue of his comic book.

In the current Guardians of the Galaxy comic book by Al Ewing, Star-Lord appeared to die a heroic death in Guardians of the Galaxy #2, but now, in issue #9 of the series, we learn that he was actually transported to the planet Morinus in an alternate dimension.

Quill ends up spending 140 years trapped there, and meets a pair of sexy blue humanoids, Mors and Aradia. After the three grow closer for a few years, the pair ask Quill if he wants to experience "togetherness" with them. Quill is initially reluctant as he hopes to escape the dimension and return to his old life and Gamora.

But twelve years later, and he's still on Morinus. As he journeys through the Twelve Houses of Morinus with Mors and Aradia, he enters the Eighth House, called the House of Death and Rebirth.

There, we see Quill in a ceremonial bath with his two companions. As he cuddles up close to them, he tells the pair, "you're my home." The three form a relationship that lasts for over 100 years. The development was first reported about in Screen Rant.

For now, this coming out has only happened in the comics. But we can all hope that Chris Pratt will be making out with Chris Hemsworth in the upcoming GotG 3. Pratt, who plays Quill in the movies, famously attends Zoe Church, a Christian church modeled after Hillsong Church, which does not "affirm a gay lifestyle." Back in 2019, Elliot Page called out Pratt for attending what they called "infamously anti LGBTQ."

Pratt defended his church and said he has no problem with gay people. A great way to prove that would be for the actor to bring this part of the character into the MCU. The ball's in your court, Mr. Pratt.

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