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Need To Know: Brent Ray Fraser's Penis Art

Need To Know: Brent Ray Fraser's Penis Art

Brent Fraser

The performance artist prefers to use the 'paintbrush' he was born with.

Ingenuity, we're taught, means making do with that you've got. Painter and performance artist Brent Ray Fraser, however, takes things to a whole new level.

In 2009, the Vancouver-based artist began using his penis as his paintbrush. Since then, he's created some truly incredible pieces with his, erm, piece.

In the new issue of Vice, Fraser speaks about his craft, why acrylic paint is safe to use down there, and the webcam series he streams on his NSFW artistic process. Here, some highlights from the interview:

"If I'm doing a large-scale painting, having my dick be flaccid is better from a technical point of view," Fraser said. When used as an imprint stamp or ballpoint pen, his penis paints better when fully erect. "The paint is cold so it's hard to stay hard, so I tie it off. And working on the art gets me aroused," he explained.


The artist's dick has painted versions of Shepard Fiarey's Obama "Hope" poster, Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe picture, and the Mona Lisa. He has also tea-baggged the canvas to create a "ballsy homage" to Damien Hirst's dot painting. "It's like the Warhol Factory, but with my dick," Fraser chuckled.


"I use the paint to masturbate and finish off by coming on the painting," Fraser said. "Signing it with my DNA."


The euphoria and liberation of performing on a stage led Fraser to become a male exotic dancer for private shows. But despite having a stripper-perfect bod, Fraser was not entirely comfortable with the profession. "This was before Magic Mike," he said. "I was ashamed and afraid that getting naked on stage would cast a shadow on my fine arts career."

Read the full story on Vice(link NSFW).

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