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Kamala Harris' Stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff, Supports This Trans-Led Org

Ella Emhoff

The artist and knitter made her status as an ally plain on social media.

We've been obsessed with Vice President Kamala Harris' step daughter Ella Emhoff's stylish Instagram ever since it was brought to our attention. Once we found out she recently did a raffle for a great trans organization, we love her even more!

Emhoff is a 21-year-old apparel and textiles major at the Parsons School of Design in New York City. Her social media is full of selfies showing off her eclectic, artsy, and often androgynous style, as well as her skill at crafting her own clothes.

Emhoff's Instagram features her creative projects ranging from knit pants and shorts, to hats, rib dresses, wall hangings, and a pink and green "granny square house coat."

Back in November, Emhoff posted a knit pants raffle on her accounts where followers could donate $10 to the For The Gworls rent and gender affirming surgery fund. The organization is a trans-led effort, that does work for the trans community specifically. This is all especially good news considering that Harris has a record of locking up trans women and sex workers when she was California's Attorney General. Since, she has said that she is an ally to the community and the Biden-Harris campaign has often mentioned and centered the lives of trans folks in various public comments.

According to their Instagram, For The Gworls was started on July 4, 2019 by Asanni Armon to help two of her Black trans friends pay rent. They threw a rent party, charging $5 at the door, and raised enough money to cover both friends' rents. Since then, they've continued hosting parties (before the pandemic) and raising funds to pay for rent, gender affirming surgeries, as well as other exenses related to the medical expenses of Black trans folks.

FTG is currently in the middle of a big fundraising push, hoping to raise $250,000 to fund rent and gender affirming surgery assistance for Black trans people. Currently, they've raised $117,380 of their goal. You can donate via their website . If you're a Black trans person in need of assistance, you can also apply online

Emhoff recently appeared in a video posted by Harris on Twitter that showed the extended Harris-Emhoff family getting together for a post-holiday Zoom call. In the video she's wearing a yellow t-shirt and a beanie and showing off her arms full of tattoos.

After four years of the Trump's and Pence's in the White House, it will be great to have more people like Emhoff there instead.

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