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The Drag Race GIF-Cap Extravaganza: The DESPY Awards

The Drag Race GIF-Cap Extravaganza: The DESPY Awards


Meanwhile, in addition to an old wig, I'm trying out a new title. 




After Trixie's unexpected(?) departure last week, the pressure is on Pearl to deliver. Meanwhile, I totally understand the Runimosity over Trixie's elimination, but that's the nature of the reality TV beast. And for a comedy queen not to shine in a comedy challenge is an almost immediate pass home. Besides I'm still not convinced Ru won't pull a Shangela and bring Trixie back at some point in the very near future.

Paper Chasers


For this week's mini-challenge, the goils had to re-create red carpet fashions out of paper.


Katya and Kasha won, not just because Katya's Bjork swan dress was on point....


...but how can you say no to anyone who invokes the spirit of the late Joan Rivers?

Is There Something On My Face?


Ru, perhaps feeling torn over sending home someone who wanted to be there instead of someone who might not, really stuck it to Pearl in a Mexican telenovela stare-off. Max is caught in the middle, while Pearl has the audacity to talk back to her mother.


Yeah, it's called impertinence.


Now wipe it off before Ru smacks it off and get back to twerk.

What the Cluck?!


Turns out Miss Fame was an adorable little thing once with an unhealthy friendship cum obsession with chickens.

what the cluck

She's either talking about chickens or Violet, I'm not sure.

Misters Sisters

violet likes fame

Speaking of Violet, seems like she's finally warming up to someone.


The feeling's mutual...ish.

Joke's on Ru


The queens are tasked with staging their own awards show, meaning they have to come up with some snappy banter.

laugh riot

Of course, some queens wouldn't know banter if it squatted over them and took a shtick on their chest.

The RuVeal


This may be my favorite look from Ru this season, if not in a couple seasons.


She's serving me statuesque statuette with a Louis Vuitton rabbit ear homage.

ru mizrahi

Guest judge Isaac Mizrahi and I were both gasping for air.

Drag Race is Burning

house of mizrahi

The legendary Mr. Mizrahi also inspired this flawless Paris Is Burning moment. Of course, this show is built on Paris Is Burning moments, but still.


Every. Goddamn. Day.

The Trophy Snatch Game

And this year's DESPY Award winners are...

fame winkatya winviolet winjaidynn win

Sidebar: this is, verbatim, my future Oscar speech. Followed by, "I beat Meryl."

Biggest Missed Opportunity


Ru set Miss Fame up for one of the easiest punchlines in comedy history...


....leaving Michelle to get behind the wheel and drive that joke home.

Best Runway Look

mizrahi fame

Miss Fame. High praise from the Mother and/or Father of the House of Mizrahi

Best Runway Read


Michelle is not a fan of Mrs. Davis' shenanigans

The Poehler-Fey MVP Hostess with the Mostest Award

ginger face

Ginger Minj, for her performance in this face. Kasha and Katya were going for the Amy-Tina dynamic with their hosting gig, which fell as flat as Katya's Brooke Hogan hair.

katya hogan

There's a real dearth of witty queens this season so thank god someone knows how to do an Arthurian take. Bea Arthur, that is.

And the Real Winners Are

Winners, Baby!

Though Ginger did the best as an individual, this time around the gurls were judged as a team and thanks to the shadening Ru gave earlier, Pearl stepped her game up to take this week's challenge with current frontrunner, Max.

Life-Giving Lip Sync Moment

kandy lip sync

Someone told me that Kandy was this amazing performer so I really expected her to send Mrs. Davis home in a body bag.

knee drop

No doubt used to being on her knees, that Ho's drop slightly edged her past Mrs. Davis, who, if she tried it, would probably have to be sent home in a leg brace.

Parting Words


Kasha, part of a balanced breakfast. And another comedy queen bites the dust.


Brought to you by the Brooke Hogan Wig Collection.

shade shitfest

Available at all participating Sears.

gay it up

Kathy Griffin was on hand to share her invaluable advice.

pearl shell

Pearl, sans shell


FYI, this is what Max looks like completely distraught

Les Fabian Brathwaite would like to thank, first and foremost, the Rucademy for this tremendous honor.

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