Body Ready: Performance Grooming With Swimmer Amini Fonua


By Julien Sauvalle

Openly gay swimmer Amini Fonua shares his manscaping tips

"I shave my arms against the grain, and I shave my hands along the grain. It just feels so much better," Fonua says. "The first time I shaved my armpits, I got such bad razor burn that it drove me insane. Now, I usually wax first with a Nair cream and strips. Then I exfoliate, and do the finishing touches with the Gillette Body Razor.

"No matter where the hair is, I would recommend to start with a trim to go into the tough 'crevasses' of that body area. You can go around fast, and get rid of all the excess hair. Then, get your razor… and do whatever you have to do down there! If you need extra advice, Gillette also makes great DIY tutorial videos.

"Don't forget to exfoliate after you've shaved: It will clean everything up and reduce risks of ingrown hair," Fonua says. "But the best thing about shaving is when you get into bed afterwards and feel your bed sheets on your smooth body. I usually shave once before a competition, but hairier guys will do it every other day. My personal tip: Don’t moisturize your legs immediately after shaving. Moisturizer helps the healing process, so the hair grows back faster. With swimming, you want to keep your skin as dry as possible. It’s one of these little sacrifices you have to do. But once the competition is over, everybody tries to grab as much moisturizer as they can."


Clarisonic Brush: "It washes your face for you."

Olay Shine Control Cleanser: "My skin tends to get shiny, depending on stress levels and unhealthy eating habits! Before bed, I wash my face with Olay's anti-shine face wash, and I follow with a moisturizer.
I also use the Olay Regenerist Luminous HydraSwirl eye cream before going to bed."

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Eliminating Spot Gel: "Very good against ingrown hair, to reduce redness, and prevent spots from breaking out."

Sunscreen: "I use SPF30 sunscreen every day. If it’s a day when I’m outside a lot, I will usually reapply sunscreen twice."

Vaseline Aloe Fresh Body Lotion: "If you’re in the water too long, and your skin starts to burn, use this moisturizing gel with natural aloe vera. It’s somewhat cooling, so when you put it on it’s very refreshing and calms the body down."

Acqua di Gio: "It's been my signature fragrance since I was 16. It’s fresh, not too fragrant, but very distinctive. People remember it a lot."