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Dominic Cooper Accidentally Exposed Himself At A Café

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Britney Spears Messes Up Lip-Syncing During Vegas Show

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Why Brian Boitano Would Do It All Over Again

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Michelle Obama Hangs Out With Drag-Clad Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell

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Murray Bartlett on Faking an Orgasm on Looking

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Singing Against Sochi: 8 Songs Protesting Putin's Anti-Gay Russia

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Today in Gay History: WH Auden's Blowjob Poem

'And here he was sitting beside me, legs apart...'

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Soviet Propaganda Revamped To Show LGBT Strength

Rainbow flags turn Soviet men, women, and children into prideful allies

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Archie Comics' Kevin Keller to Make Debut as Superhero

Riverdale's gay teen is set to appear in upcoming issues as the crime-fighting Equalizer.

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Looking Writers Respond To Boring Complaints And “Minority Trap” 

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Chris Brochu Is The Vampire Diaries' First Gay Character

He will play Luke, the mysterious college student

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WATCH: Katy Perry Is a Phoenix in "Dark Horse" Music Video

She walks (and dances) like an Egyptian

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RIP Ab Fab’s Justin, and 1 Girl 5 Gays’ Santos

This week we learned of the passing of Absolutely Fabulous's Justin, and gay reality panelist Santos from MTV Canada …

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Oscar Winners Name-drop Meryl Streep More Than God

Perhaps the words "Meryl" and "God" should just be considered synonyms

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First Look: Christopher J. Hanke Takes Over for Michael Urie

The smash one-man Off-Broadway show Buyer & Cellar gets a new star

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