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The final frontier is here for 'Star Trek's queerest crew

Star Trek:Discovery’s fifth season marks the end of the most diverse and LGBTQ+ inclusive series in the 58-year-old sci-fi franchise.

Star Trek's Blu del Barrio & Ian Alexander: Transgalactic Heroes

The Discovery actors and Out cover subjects are blazing trails as Star Trek's first nonbinary and trans stars.

Queer Brazilians Fear The Worst Under New President Jair Bolsonaro

Decades of progress could be undone by far right wing leader Jair Bolsonaro, who seems to be operating right out of Trump’s playbook.​

If Mueller’s Report Impeaches Trump, Are LGBTQ+ Rights More Doomed?

With Mueller’s investigation circling around President Trump, the nightmare for LGBTQ+ people could get worse.


Man Jailed for Being Gay to be Pardoned Posthumously in Canada

It's the latest pro-LGBT move by the popular prime minister. 

Greece Legalizes Same-Sex Unions

Despite opposition from religious leaders and right-wing members of the ruling coalition, the government overwhelmingly approved civil partnerships.

Obama Proudly Marks 5 Years Since End of DADT

The president marked the fifth anniversary of his historic action to end the policy that kept gay, lesbian, and bisexual troops from serving openly.

WATCH: Trump Mocked as Gender Bully in SNL Skit

The Saturday Night Live debate sketch shows Donald Trump mocking Jeb Bush as 'little girl.'

Honor for Film Focused on Gay, Lesbian Asians

Richard Fung brought attention to the largely unknown communities of Canadian Asian lesbians and gays of the 1980s. 

Transparent Creator Jill Soloway Comes Out

The creator of TV's Pfefferman family discusses her relationship with the iconic poet Eileen Myles.

WATCH: Sneak Peek of Transparent Season 2

Maura Pfefferman is coming back, and bringing her whole crazy clan along with her!

Dallas Strengthens Non-Discrimination Protections for Trans People

The Dallas city council just voted unanimously to do what Houston voters refused to: bolster non-discrimination protections for transgender people.

Mike Huckabee: Boycott Anti-Christian Doritos

The former governor turned Republican presidential candidate is outraged at the company's partnering with Dan Savage, which technically it didn't do. 

Pope Francis Addresses Priest Sex Abuse While in Philly

Queer Catholics, marriage equality supporters, and allies also gathered in the City of Brotherly Love, where the pope arrived Saturday for the last stop of his U.S. visit.

Colbert Explains Marriage Through Cake

The Late Show host shows the endless possibilities of cake toppers available to those who don't really understand what marriage equality means.

Out and Proud: Mo Rocca Opens for the Pope

The comedian and TV personality delivered a reading at the  mass in Manhattan's biggest arena. 

Will Caitlyn Jenner Get a Second Season?

E!'s docu-series I Am Cait is at a critical juncture with three episodes left in the season and no firm commitment for more.

Virginia Shooter Had Been Ordered to Get Medical Help

Vester Flanagan went to great lengths to control how people saw him, tweeting photographs of his life and sending a national news organization a fax of nearly two dozen pages outlining his grievances.

Watch: Porn Stars Perform Car Karaoke

Titanmen Jesse Jackman & Dirk Caberto know how to have fun.