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Watch These Two Men Propose to Each Other at the Same Time

Watch These Two Men Propose to Each Other at the Same Time

gay double proposal

It's a double proposal!

Things like this remind me why I love being gay. In a video posted to Twitter account @MemesFolder, two very cute twinks are standing on a big staircase in front of a giant ferris wheel when suddenly they both pull out rings and propose at the same time!

The 45-second long viral video (which maybe looks like it's from Brazil?) features the two men on a date on a beautiful sunny day. After they kiss for a moment, one of the men reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring. While he's down on one knee waiting for an answer, his boyfriend goes from complete shocked silence to walking over to his own backpack, just a few steps away.

But he's not walking away from the love of his life, just walking toward the ring he had in his own bag! Yes, ladies, gentlemen, and gentlethems, it's a double proposal! The gayest of all proposals!

The two men start crying, hugging, and kissing as they both realize what they're doing. All around them, onlookers start cheering and clapping once they realize the magic unfolding before their eyes. The cheers get even louder as the men begin proposing to each other.

Double proposals -- like double rainbows -- have become a staple of queer culture. It seems like every week I see another lesbian couple doing this exact thing, and every time I love it just as much. Love really does win.

Details of the engagement or the couple are unknown at this time, as the video was posted on a meme account that collects its content from others without crediting them. Whoever this mystery pair is, we wish them the happiest marriage they could ever imagine.

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