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Lance Loves Michael: Inside America's First Televised Gay Wedding

Lance Loves Michael: Inside America's First Televised Gay Wedding

Lance Bass Wedding

What are their thoughts and hopes behind the matrimonial publicity?

On February 5, Lance Bass and Michael Turchin will make history when their wedding, which took place Dec. 20, 2014, premieres on E!. Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding -- a 90-minute special -- will follow the couple from the early stages of planning right up to their vows on the altar.

They've already mentioned that want to adopt kids at some point, saying: "We're going to enjoy the honeymoon phase for a second, but we want to start a family for sure. That's one of the reasons we wanted to commit to each other, to start a family." What else is up for the lovely couple? We caught up with Bass and Turchin a few days before the big air date to find out about their heart-shaped lasagna and more.

Out: What was it like documenting this epic life moment?

Lance Bass: Going into this, we were a little scared because you never know how people are going to be portrayed on television. But the experience was really great. The crew was awesome. We saw a rough cut of the special a few days ago, and we are so impressed! It's gorgeous, it's loving, it's exactly the story we want to tell the world that could change people's minds about same-sex marriage.

Lance Bass Wedding Dance

Photography by Michael Segal Photography

And why did you decide to do this in the first place?

Michael Turchin: It was less about getting married and more about showcasing our marriage and showing that a same-sex couple can get married to the rest of the world -- especially to kids who are gay -- but who feel there aren't any gay role models, or a life outside of what they're living. And, hopefully, to change other people's minds who were just ignorant about gay people.

LB: It's all about visibility. That's why we wanted to do this special. So many of the people who will be watching have never see a gay couple. Hopefully we can help change some minds.

This wedding is, of course, very personal by default. But it also stands for much more because a lot of people will be able to see it. How's that feel?

LB: We're very aware of that. That's why we're so honored to be a part of this piece of history. We're very lucky that we're living at this time right now when we can help make a difference. We don't take that lightly. We know that people are watching, but we just hope that we give a good example of the LGBT community and hopefully people can relate to our love story.

And this will also be the ultimate wedding video -- ever.

LB: We were talking about that today! We were watching the footage and were like, This is going to be the best wedding video ever to show our kids!

Lance Bass Family Wedding

Speaking of family. How'd your parents react to this idea when you first pitched it to them?

LB: My family is from Mississippi and they hated the idea! They're very shy. They don't like the camera. My mom just wanted me to get married in a church with no alcohol. She's very conservative. But Michael's family...

MT: They were excited, but they also had their reservations about it. Similar to Lance's family, they just had this idea of a reality special that would be a lot of drama and problems.

LB: When we think of reality television, we just think of the drama. So it's totally understandable. But in the end, [E!] created one of the most beautiful specials I've ever seen in my life.

And I hear there was a pretty stacked menu, as well.

LB: The food was definitely one of my favorite parts about planning the wedding! I'm the only groom who ever gained 10 pounds before his wedding. We had two cake tastings -- of course, we brought the leftovers home and ate all of it. And one of my good friends is Robert Earl. He owns Planet Hollywood and Buca di Beppo, which is one of our favorites. Robert is very sweet and, as a present to us, catered our wedding with Buca di Beppo. So we had a huge Italian tasting, and of course, we had to take all that food home with us and ate it for a week. He even created a special heart-shaped lasagna for us!

Lance Bass Wedding Food

Photo courtesy of Buca di Beppo

Delicious! That's comfort food next-leveled. Edible hearts aside, clearly you guys are now a very visible piece of history. What are your hopes for marriage equality in the future -- in say, 10 years?

LB: In 10 years I hope we're not even discussing same-sex marriage, it's just marriage at that point.

Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding will air Febuary 5, at 8 p.m. on E!.

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