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7 Reader Picks For Paris Travelers

7 Reader Picks For Paris Travelers

We're still accepting your suggestions for places to visit in Paris. In the meantime, here are a few selections from the responses that have rolled in so far.

Reader Pheliz Taylor suggested via Facebook that we spend some time wandering around Île de la Cité (pictured above), one of the two natural islands remaining in the Seine.

It's the axis around which Paris rotates, and can be seen at the center of all the Paris maps we explored. It's there that you'll find Notre Dame, La Conciergerie, the prison where poor Marie Antoinette lost her head, and the Palais de Justice. And the Sainte-Chapelle, a 13th Century chapel on the isle, is renowned for its stained glass.

In terms of shopping, we were reminded to check out the Comme des Garçons boutique, where visitors can find colognes and other products not available overseas. We're also directed toward the Marais and Oberkampf neighborhoods for vintage shopping. Omaya Vintage came highly recommended.

For cuisine, reader Kate suggested we dine at the cheeky Derrière, which is validating, because we've long been recommending the quirky restaurant-cum-ping pong bar run by the owners of the Moroccan restaurant Andy Wahloo. And for traditional French, check out Le Timbre in the sixth district.

For accommodations, another friend advised we search Airbnb for an available, often a cheaper and far more private option than staying at a hotel, and yet another pointed us to the ultra-modern Le Citizen Hotel (pictured above). It's an ultra modern boutique hotel in one of our favorite neighborhoods, northern Marais, so we'll definitely keep it mind next time we're in Paris, something that will hopefully happen sooner rather than later.

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