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Jeremy O. Harris Scammed Seth Meyers Into Buying Tickets To His Play

Jeremy O. Harris

The playwright was a guest on the host’s talk show discussing “Slave Play.”

Joanne The Scammer might've just met her match in the form of playwright Jeremy O. Harris.

The Slave Play creator was on Late Night with Seth Meyers recently to discuss the immense success of his Broadway debut. That historic debut, though controversial, has been packing out Golden Theatre, and entertaining the likes of Rihanna, Zendaya, Jesse Williams, Keke Palmer, and more as guests.

Among the many conversation points with Meyers was how Harris was able to see theater in his younger years: by hook or by crook. The late night host had Harris expand on how he got access to these shows which can be cost prohibitive for many.

"I hate to say this but I scammed a lot of theaters in California and New York and Chicago in my rush to want to see theater in my early 20s," he said. Harris would go to the box office, say his name confidently, and assert that a major Board member of the theater had told him to come. Box office attendants would rush to find him a spot in response.

A second way that he got in was to text a rich friend, tell them everyone was raving about a particular show, and get them to buy tickets for them both. Meyers laughed at the idea, and encouraged people to also get their rich friends to do the same because of the importance of seeing and support theater. It was then that Harris saw his opening.

"You said people should text their rich friend? You are rich!" he said to Meyers, a sly smirk on his face. "If someone tweets you tonight that they want to seeSlave Play, will you buy them a ticket?"

"Yeah," Meyers said quickly before realizing that he had just got played on national television. "I brought up the scams and then you scammed me!"

Meyers then offered to buy tickets for the first 10 people to tweet him. Not to be one upped, Harris then asks him if he'll buy them premium seats, which are at a higher price point!

"What an honor to be played by you, sir!" Meyers said, agreeing.

After the show, Harris tweeted that Meyers had not only made good on his commitment of buying 10 people tickets, he actually bought 19 pairs of tickets. We love to see it!

And we also love to see Harris exposing the stratified and classist system of Broadway ticketing that often leaves many without the opportunity to partake in one of the world's oldest forms of entertainment.

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