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Finding Prince Charming's Robert Sepúlveda Jr. Spews Blatant Transphobia

Finding Prince Charming's Robert Sepúlveda Jr. Spews Blatant Transphobia

Robert Sepúlveda Jr

The dating competition show star targeted a trans man online after being turned down.

On Tuesday, Robert Sepulveda Jr., who once starred as the leading bachelor of Logo's cancelled dating competition show Finding Prince Charming, revealed himself as a transphobe who has been operating an anonymous Twitter account posting adult content online. The account described its operator as a "married straight dude with a wild, kinky edge!"

"It has been brought to my attention that the anonymous fetish profile that harassed me on Twitter is the so-called 'LGBTQ+ activist' Robert Sepulveda Jr," Mirko Kovac, also known popularly as The Trans Wolf, posted to Instagram in a carousel of slides and then reposted to Twitter. "In the following slides you will see that he solicitied me for 'a good time' & then proceeded to spout dehumanizing whorephobic & transphobic rhetoric about my genitals & existance as a trans man."

In a series of direct message screenshots, an Instagram user with the handle @UCXL10 writes, "Hey buddy. Would be hot to meet up. How's it going?"

The message was initially a message request meaning that Kovac did not follow the account. He responded anyway.

"Heyo," he wrote back. "Not sure what kinda of hot interactions between a gay man and someone who is straight? I'm confused..?"

The two begin to go back and forth, with Kovac writing, "I have zero interest in entertaining someone's fantasy at my expense or emotional labor."

"The fuck are you talking about you have sex on camera lol," @UCXL10 wrote back. "Whatever anger u have about life is ur own. I was being friendly. And if you haven't forgotten, you have a fucking pussy you're a woman, so get the fuck over it." Afterwards, the account blocked Kovac.

In other slides, Kovac transposed images from the anonymous Twitter account with images from Sepulveda's publicly available and verified Instagram account. He pointed out identical blankets, as well as similarities in the backyard decor. And though this all seemed quite compelling, it was Sepulveda himself who confirmed he ran the account which has since gone private and removed all photo and video uploads.

"Wait just one sec," Sepulveda wrote in a comment on Kovac's Instagram post. "Ur literally getting cummed on and fucked on your fetish profile but you're really coming after me?! Lol sister -- ur the one that made an issue when I contacted you. I thought u were cute-- then u had to make it an issue with that bitchy girly response. Also. I've done sex work for YEARS, I talked about it on the show for the world and everyone already knows I have a massive cock -- so what's the point here sis? You have to much time on your hands. So yah. Be chill don't be all un-chill."

When Sepulveda was the lead bachelor on Finding Prince Charming, news broke that he had done sex work in the past with his various profiles and explicit imagery circulating online.

"You being moody because of ur hormones has nothing to do with me," he continued in the now-deleted comment. "You're the one making this into an issue. Do you. I loved watching u get fucked like a rag doll. Chic. And yes I have fabulous trans friends that I love, adore & call my family. Spend ur time doing something else more productive. Love yah."


Screengrab via Instagram

Many have shared Kovac's initial post across Instagram. In what was seen as some as a reaction to criticism, Sepulveda posted a screenshot to Instagram stories explaining online harassment with the caption, "Just fyi children."

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