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Guillermo & Nandor's Love Hits Double Trouble in the Newest Episode of What We Do in the Shadows

Guillermo & Nandor's Love Hits Double Trouble in the Newest Episode of What We Do in the Shadows


We finally got to meet Guillermo's boyfriend! But Nandor can't leave well enough alone...

TV's favorite will-they-won't-they couple is a little more "won't" this week after Guillermo and Nandor had possibly their biggest fight ever.

We've been following the back-and-forth tension between Guillermo and Nandor since the beginning of What We Do in the Shadows, but this season, the ship has really set sail, becoming one of the most popular ships in all of TV right now. But in this week's great episode, there was some trouble in paradise.

The episode was great for several reasons. First of all, we got to finally meet Guillermo's British boyfriend!!! We've known all season that Guillermo has a boyfriend. We've seen him on the phone and facetime with someone named Freddie, who he kept on whispering sweet nothings to.

The trouble started when Freddie surprised Guillermo by showing up early at the vampire's house, immediately meeting Nandor, who is utterly charmed by the man. Nandor can't stop forgetting about Freddie, so he goes to the Djinn for help.

Now this is where everything went off the rails. Nandor wishes that the Djinn would change his wife Marwa "into an exact copy" of Guillermo's boyfriend, "appearance, personality, everything."

After a whole day where Nandor and his Freddie are just one step behind Guillermo and the real Freddie on their date throughout the city, the two Freddies finally bump into each other, and Guillermo realizes what Nandor has done.

"Couldn't just let me have one thing of my own?" Guillermo demands from Nandor. "Oh, so you took your wife, who you transformed into the perfect woman, and then turned her into a carbon copy of my boyfriend? Doesn't that register with you as being messed up?"

"This is my last night with Freddie. Okay, this might seem like a huge game to you, but it's not to me, I really care about him," Guillermo continues, standing up to Nandor. "Do you understand that I have never, in my whole life, ever, had a long-term boyfriend? Not once. And you find a way to make it about yourself."

If only the trouble ended there. Nandor tries to make things better by letting his Freddie go, but when Guillermo goes to England to visit his Freddie, he runs into both of them, kissing, and clearly in a couple.

Next week is the season finale of the show, and with Guillermo and Nandor on the rocks in a way we've never seen them before, the tension between them is going to be thicker than a bowl of coagulated blood!!!

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