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Harvey Guillén Teases a New 'WWDITS' Love Interest For Guillermo

Harvey Guillén Teases a New 'WWDITS' Love Interest For Guillermo

Harvey Guillen

"A lot of questions get answered this season."

Guillermo and Nandor on What We Do in The Shadows are one of TV's hottest will-they-or-won't-they couples, and the actor who plays one of the characters is teasing some big developments in their relationship this year.

Harvey Guillen, who plays Guillermo, the bodyguard/familiar to the vampire Nandor the Relentless, has been opening up about his character's love life, and what kinds of things we'll see in this current season of the show.

Guillen was talking with TVLine on the red carpet for the Hollywood Critics Association's 2nd annual TV Awards when he started opening up about his character's love life.

"This season we dive into Guillermo questioning lots of things," he said. "We dive into his love interest and who that might be, and we question his family dynamic. And some of the questions that have been asked by the audience and by himself, they finally get answered this season. A lot of questions get answered this season."

Guillen said he is "so excited about where Guillermo is going, and what's happening with his family and his personal life, that there may be a love interest...."

"He's going to finally be honest with himself," he added. "And the question he asks himself in the mirror will be answered."

Guillen also accepted the award for Best Cable Series, Comedy for What We Do in the Shadows at the ceremony, and in his speech, he encouraged other queer kids to follow their dreams.

After saying that the show didn't expect to get the win, and Guillen saying that he was about to go get a drink when the winner was announced, he said in his speech that he first decided he wanted to be an actor after watching Annie on TV as a child.

"I told my mom I wanted to be an orphan when I grow up," he laughed, revealing that his mother was the one who told him they were actors, not real orphans. "So I said I want to be an actor. And so I dedicate tonight to my mom and my dad."

He didn't stop with the dedications there. He also dedicated the award to "any Latino kid or any kid who's ever wanted to be on television, no matter of your skin color, of your sexuality, of your body size, you are loved and you deserve to be loved. So go after your dream and live your life!"

The next episode of What We Do in the Shadows airs tonight on FX.

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