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Netflix Renews The Ultimatum For An All-LGBTQ+ Second Season

the ultimatum

The Ultimatum hasn’t even begun and it’s already coming back for a bigger, more queer second season.

Netflix’s new reality dating series The Ultimatum is set to premiere its first eight episodes on Wednesday, April 6, and the streamer has already invested in a second season. And even better, the season will feature all queer women and people who date them.

The Ultimatum follows six couples about to get married. While one partner in the relationship is ready to take the plunge, the other isn’t so sure, and an ultimatum is issued. The couples then have eight weeks to choose to tie the knot or break up.

Of course, it’s not that simple. For three of the weeks, each individual will choose a partner from one of the other couples to live together.

“It’s based in a very real relatable conversation and situation for many, many people — either you’ve been in that situation or you’ve known people who are in that situation,” executive producer Chris Coelen said to Variety.

“We allow them to choose another partner that they think has qualities of someone that they would want to potentially marry and get an opportunity to live out a trial marriage with that person,” he continued. “They have two trial marriages: one with the person they choose and one with their partner that they come in with.”

The new season is described as being “all queer, mostly female,” so it seems it might feature lesbians, bisexual and queer women, and queer nonbinary and transgender people.

A queer season of The Ultimatum would follow in the footsteps of MTV’s wildly popular and GLAAD Award-winning all-queer season of Are You The One? in 2019. That season featured an entire cast made up of sexually fluid singles who were attracted to all genders. It was one of the wildest and best seasons of that, or any, reality dating show.

There's an ongoing cultural myth/stereotype that queer women can sometimes jump really quickly into commitment (a phenomenon known as "U-Hauling"), so this should be an emotional and exciting season.

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