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These Two Gay Horror Shows Are Coming Back to TV Soon

These Two Gay Horror Shows Are Coming Back to TV Soon

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Queer horror is the best horror!

Two of the best horror TV shows in recent memory are coming back sooner than we thought.

Through recent tweets, we've learned that both What We Do in the Shadows and Chucky will each be premiering new seasons sometime soon this year. Both shows are lauded as some of the best horror shows on TV, and also feature some of our favorite gay and bisexual representation on TV.

Jemaine Clement, who co-wrote, co-starred in, and co-directed the original What We Do in the Shadows movie, was recently asked by a fan if season 4 of FX's WWDITS TV show would be coming soon. "I am not working on WWDITS anymore," he replied. "But S4 of that has also been shot and is on its way very soon too." We can't wait!

WWDITS not only features the bisexual and hedonistic vampire couple Lazlo and Nadja, but over the first three seasons has also been building up to a romance between two other characters, the vampire Nandor the Relentless, and his familiar-turned-bodyguard Guillermo.

While Guillermo (Harvey Guillen) was initially walked all over and ignored by the vampires, over the seasons, he's shown that he's more than capable and learned that he's descended from famous vampire hunter Van Helsing. While Nandor had no respect for him early on, he's learned to respect, and even care about Guillermo in the latest seasons.

The finale for season 3 saw Nandor and Guillermo about to go on a trip across the world, just the two of them, but Guillermo was tricked by Lazlo and is instead nailed inside a coffin traveling across the sea to Europe. Hopefully, season 4 will see the two fighting to reunite.

Additionally, Syfy's Chucky series, created by original Child's Play mastermind Don Mancini, was a huge surprise last year, becoming one of the best shows on TV. This version of the classic horror franchise sees the possessed Chucky doll turning up in a small town where a 14-year-old gay boy finds him.

The first season was all about the corruption of the innocent and seeing the bullied fight back against their oppressors. It was also about 14-year-old Jake Wheeler becoming friends with another boy at his school, Devon, and the two sharing a first kiss.

We knew that Chucky was renewed for a second season, but now, we know that it'll be coming this year. Mancini tweeted an image saying Chucky 2 with the date 2022 on it, signaling that season 2 will arrive on our TVs this year.

The first season of the show was a wild ride, that included the equally evil Tiffany doll showing up in the final episode, so we can't wait to see more of her next season. We also can't wait to see Jake and Devon's relationship continue to grow!

Queer horror is unquestionably the best horror, and it looks like we're going to be feasting on it this year.

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