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This New, Sexy Boy Butter Ad Is Going to Air During UFC Fight Night

This New, Sexy Boy Butter Ad Is Going to Air During UFC Fight Night


The personal lubricant brand is helping queer up the overtly hetero, masculine sports broadcast. 

You've probably seen some of Boy Butter's super fun, super sexy commercials throughout the years while watching RuPaul's Drag Race, but it turns out the werk room isn't the only place the gay-founded personal lubricant brand is taking over. With the release of their brand new 2021 TV ad, Boy Butter is also stepping into the fighting ring!

The 30-second commercial -- a moody, sexy, black-and-white homage to some of those classic fashion and fragrance campaigns so many of us grew up seeing on TV -- features two shirtless, chiseled men frolicking with each other on the beach and is set to be broadcast regularly on ESPN and ESPN2 during many popular sporting events, including boxing matches, SportsCenter news, and the ever-popular UFC Fight Nights that air on Saturdays.

"Freedom to me means fearlessness," a voiceover says during the ad spot as the two heartthrobs have some fun in the waters of Malibu. "It means expressing myself authentically and loving however I choose."

If the decision to air a homoerotic commercial for a product aimed directly at queer men during super-hetero sports broadcasts has you scratching your head, well, that's exactly the point. Queering up otherwise heteronormative spaces is exactly what the Boy Butter brand is hoping to do by airing commercials like this on mainstream television.

Eyal Feldman, Boy Butter's founder, says he wants people who are watching the ad to question the reasons behind their discomfort (if they have any), especially since it "encourages you to find solace in being yourself, and promotes the message of loving whomever you choose, freely."

"The ad is reminiscent of the iconic '90s fashion campaigns, with a gay point of view," Donna Feldman, co-founder and producer of StrawHat Productions, the company that helped produce the spot with creative partner Michael Blank, added. "The love shared amongst the men offers a twist to the way the audience of the sport views displays of masculinity."

And that's exactly what they're doing -- in the hottest way possible!

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