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Netflix's 'Special' Just Announced Second (and Final) Season

Special's Ryan O'Connell in the driver's seat.

The tears have already started.

What else will the pandemic take from us?

After breaking new ground for queer folks, particularly those living with disability, Netflix's Special has announced its second and final season. Written by, executive produced by, and starring O'Connell, the show will come to a close with eight episodes at 30 minutes a piece.

"After two seasons, Special is sadly coming to an end," O'Connell, said in a release. "Thank you to the fans and Netflix for allowing me to make exactly the show I wanted to make and for giving me 30-minute episodes to finish the story. Creating this show has been the highlight of my g-damn life."

The 30-minute episodes, which premiere on May 20, 2021, are up from the 12-17 minute episodes of season one.

The second season will pick up two months after Ryan's fight with his mother Karen. He has a case of writer's block that is getting him in trouble at work but Tanner, a "fun, flirty dance instructor" charms our lead "despite not being totally available." We later see Ryan on a journey of self-discovery that leads to complications in this relationship.

But it's not all about Ryan, he is joined by Karen and Kim as primary characters. The season will see them all "coming into their power and realizing they all deserve big gorgeous lives -- whether society agrees or not, bitch!"

As most productions over the last year, Special season two faced a moment of slight uncertainty given lockdown conditions. In October O'Connell posted some photos from set, signaling that things had once again kicked up. Season two will differ from season one in that O'Connell has been given more resources, including a writer's room -- he had previously done all the writing himself.

A short teaser for the season shows the cast at a prom of sorts with more than a few new characters. After the show drew widespread praise for its portrayal of sex involving someone with a disability, O'Connell has said that there's "a lot more gay sex" in store from the team.

Though this might be the end of the show it is certainly not the end of O'Connell. He is already working with Jim Parsons, who is an executive producer of the series, on a "traumedy" titled Accessible. His debut novel, Just By Looking at Him is expected out in 2022.

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