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Ryan O'Connell

Ryan O’Connell Wants ‘Special’ To Be Synonymous With Gay Sex

“That’s what I hope to do: lube and disabled awareness.”

Netflix's 'Special' Just Announced Second (and Final) Season

The tears have already started.

Ryan O'Connell's Mission to Tell Queer Disabled Stories Has Only Begun

“I have this, like, sliver of power,” the Out cover star says of his ascent. “The whole idea is you want to drop the ladder down and help other people up.”

'Special's Ryan O'Connell Has a New Show With Jim Parsons

It's a half-hour "traumedy" and we can't wait.

Ryan O'Connell Is Horny for Representation

“Hollywood is super horny for profiting off the stories of marginalized people without giving them actual opportunities,” the actor and writer said.

Netflix's Special Season 2 Will Have 'A Lot More Gay Sex'

"I've had to suffer through so many straight sex scenes and now everyone else has to pay," says creator Ryan O'Connell.

Netflix’s 'Special' Is Coming Back for Season 2

The groundbreaking, Emmy-nominated series will return.

'Special's' Ryan O'Connell: "I will not be erased, bitch!"

In this first-person essay, the creator and star reflects on his groundbreaking, now Emmy-nominated, series about being disabled.

Netflix’s ‘Special’ Brings Disability and Gay Sex to the Forefront

Ryan O’Connell, the show’s creator and star, discusses internalized ableism, the sex scene that was “his baby” and Grindr.

Out100: Ryan O'Connell