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Dominique Jackson Thought You'd Hate Her for Elektra on 'Pose'

Dominique Jackson as Elektra on Pose

Pose's Elektra Wintour is a strong figure — polarizing even. Surviving as she has in life, fending for her children, she's learned to read first and apologize later — if ever. And while that makes for some truly stand out scenes, when Dominique Jackson was first reading for the role, it gave her second thoughts.

"When I first read for the auditions, I saw the power in her, but when we actually convened on set and I had to deliver those lines to beautiful Blanca and speak to my children that way—it was so far off from me," Jackson, whose become a star playing the role, told V in an interview. "Realizing that [Elecktra] was the antagonist was kind of hard. I felt like 'Oh my gosh, the world is going to hate me and I'm always going to be the bad guy'. I went through it and did my best but on the inside, I was kind of going through a bit of depression [from it]."

And, as Jackson would soon find out, those fears were not without basis.

"You know, I was outside of Saks [one day] and this Caribbean woman comes up to me and she says to me 'Oh, you play Electra!' and she just goes off on me!" she recalled. "She's like 'You're not acting! That is who you are! You are a wicked woman! How could you do that to Blanca?' And she read me to filth. But in that instance, I had to stop and think, you know what? She's not separating Electra from Dominique. So I smiled and said 'Well thank you, ma'am. You're letting me know that I'm doing a good job.' and that was how I was kind of able to overcome that. For a very long time, I felt really horrible about being this evil Elektra so I had to really reevaluate her. Once season two came along, I understood where she was going."

If only we could find out where she's going in season three.

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