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Why 'Canada's Drag Race' Judges Told A Queen to Put Makeup On Her Ass

Canada's Drag Race Ilona Verley

We definitely needed this one explained.

The debut season of Canada's Drag Race has been quite the ride! And while we will get into the particulars soon enough, there was a moment during the show's most recent episode that honestly can't go unaddressed. Let's talk about some full coverage foundation!

On last week's episode of Canada's Drag Race -- last week if you're watching it according to the Canadian schedule, as the episodes on Logo are slightly behind -- the queens were asked to bring "Canadian Tux-shedo: Denim on Denim on Denim" to the Main Stage runway. And while the looks were pretty decent for the most part, there was one that judges zeroed in on.

For her look, Ilona Verley -- whose position on the show is significant as she is the first trans queen on Canada's Drag Race -- chose to wear an all-denim look complete with chaps.

"I'm showing the judges all the best assets," she says in the confessional. "My face, my ass, and my kitty." Before disappearing off the runway she gives the judges one last look over her shoulder and slaps said ass. Later on in the judging, the judges zeroed in on just that.

"I think that your mug is painted so gorgeously," judge Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman says. The comment was surprising given the reputation he's built for himself but came as a part of a larger, backhanded compliment. "However, when I see that booty and a little turnaround, a little full coverage foundation may have helped you out." Later on, once the queens had left the stage Brooke Lynn Hytes resurfaced the critique.

"She definitely should have put some makeup on that ass," she said.

On screen the comment seemed to come out of left field. From what we could see there was no issue with Veerley's butt, which led many to assume that the pair were bodyshaming her, referring to either the size of it or cellulite. But Hytes took to Twitter to clear things up.

"Hi everybody I just wanted to jump on here real quick and address some comments I made tonight on the runway about Ilona Verley's bum and putting some foundation on it. This was not meant as bodyshaming whatsoever, it's just that from where we were sitting on the judges' panel we could see red bumps and stuff that come from shaving that we all get -- I know I get them constantly on my chest, on my face, and my legs. That's why whenever I feature a part of my skin that's bare, onstage or on the runway, I always make sure that its covered up with foundation just to ensure its extra extra flawless." The former Drag Race competitor went on to say that the panel had "no problem" with the size or shape of the butt and clarified that you can't cover up cellulite with makeup.

The incident kicked up a lot of chatter online, mostly in support of Verley. She took to Twitter to thank everyone for the support, and clarify what the judges saw.

"He was going off about razor burn which I didn't even have, it was just the [reflection] off the glitter [Priyanka] helped me rub on my butt," she wrote, referring to Bowyer-Chapman. What's better? Like any other enterprising queen, she's making merch out of it.

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