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New 'Drag Race' Clip Shows Gigi Goode and Heidi N Closet Fighting

Heidi N Closet and Gigi Goode on Drag Race
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Plus, in the drama-filled preview, we find that this season's Rusical is based on Madonna

*RuPaul's Drag Race season 12 has disqualified competitor Sherry Pie for misconduct of a sexual nature but she is still featured in episodic footage.

We are officially at the point in season 12 of RuPaul's Drag Race where the queens have stopped being polite and started getting real -- well some of them at least. In a new preview for the show, the queens take some drama that was mostly discussed in Untucked, and give it the primetime slot. But not after Miss Brita gives a bit of a 180.

For the past few weeks, Brita has been letting Aiden Zhane have it -- verbally, that is. Whether in confessionals, or to her face, Brita has made it clear that she didn't see it for Zhane's work ethic, and couldn't understand what the judges saw in her either. (It should be noted that neither does Patricia Quinn, apparently.) But now, after sending the performer home, Brita is feeling sad?

"I love Aiden, she stuck with it," Brita said after reading Zhane's mirror message. "I'm proud of that bitch." She went on to proclaim her love for the departed competitor. You see that? That's clown makeup she has on.

As the queens sit on the couches to decompress, Jaida Essence Hall prompts the group to make amends over the drama in Untucked. For those who didn't watch -- and like why not, we are in quarantine so you have the time -- Gigi Goode and Heidi N Closet got into it after Goode commented on the latter's makeup skills, and Widow Von Du got into it with Jackie Cox and Sherry Pie over not feeling prepared for acting challenges like "Snatch Game."

"I just have one question," Heidi starts in the new clip. "During Untucked, Gigi I don't really understand why you pointed out that I haven't improved makeup-wise." And it just went off the rails from there.

What Goode didn't know, that viewers do, is that Heidi has a personal insecurity in regards to her makeup and appearance overall, meaning that the critique cut a little deeper than it might have for others. And while she tried to apologize and make up for it in this week's episode, Heidi still wasn't ready.

The situation was similar with Von Du. Though the other contestants admitted that they shouldn't be critiquing each other when spirits are already low, Von Du said she couldn't wait for them to experience the same. Well, tell us how you really feel!

On the Main Stage this week, we are returning to the Rusical series the show has famously put on over the last few seasons. This time, it's Madonna up for impersonation with the legendary Jamal Sims (who is also the man behind When the Beat Drops, a dance documentary streaming exclusively on WOW Presents Plus) choreographing. Looks like the shoe is about to be on the other foot for queens who excel at comedy and acting but not so much at performing choreography.

And with Winnie Harlow and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as judges ... I can't wait to see how this turns out.

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