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Patricia Quinn Was Not a Fan of Aiden Zhane's Snatch Game Performance

Aiden Zhane as Patricia Quinn.

Aiden Zhane did herself no favors when she chose Patricia Quinn for her "Snatch Game" character on RuPaul's Drag Race. Her season 12 competitors warned her against it in the Werk Room, but she stuck to her guns based on the fact that she had, in fact, met the star, most known for her role in Rocky Horror Picture show. That proved to be not enough material for the judges, landing Zhane in the week's bottom two. And apparently, it wasn't enough for Quinn herself.

In a series of screenshots of Facebook posts posted to Twitter, Quinn distances herself from Zane and condemns the portrayal.

"I was o thrilled when I heard that one of the little bitches on RuPaul's Drag Race was going to impersonate my bestie Patricia Stephens," Gregor Gillespie wrote in a post. "I was excited because he wasn't portraying "Magenta" — but her as a person and that's what made it exciting because he had a massive opportunity to share the Magic of Patricia to a big audience."

"Well boy was I wrong," he continued. Gillespie called the performance a "complete antithesis" of who Quinn is and said it "failed to capture the most basic of things about her such as her notable voice." As Gillespie tagged Quinn in the post, she had a few things of her own to say.

"Disgusted beyond belief," she wrote in a comment. "Liar. I do not know this utterly untalented person shite." (Punctuation added by Out.)

Quinn continued in another post: "He called me a drug addict!!!!!" she wrote. "And knew nothing about me. [You're] disappointing!"

Looks the reading challenge has already started.

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