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Watch 'Drag Race' Season 12 Prep for 'Snatch Game' In New Clip

Preparing for Snatch Game in Drag Race season 12

And in terms of drama, Aiden Zhane says "quiet Aiden isn't going to be quiet for much longer."

*RuPaul's Drag Race season 12 has disqualified competitor Sherry Pie for misconduct of a sexual nature but she is still featured in episodic footage.

Well, we all knew it was coming.

There are a few things we see every single season of RuPaul's Drag Race. At some point, we get a reading mini-challenge, and at another, we get the famed "Snatch Game." Having been first launched on season 2 of the popular show, "Snatch Game" is arguably the most anticipated component, and reportedly quite a significant component of the application to get on the show in the first place. Well, it's time for the season 12 queens to get their shots.

In a new clip show host RuPaul announces to the ten remaining queens that this week's maxi challenge is the "Snatch Game," where they will impersonate a celebrity of their choosing.

"Pick a celebrity that you can impersonate, then make me and the world laugh," Ru says simply. Boy, let me tell you: it is not simple.

"Snatch Game," though it seems pretty barebones is quite complex in that it not only requires you to pick someone that you can convincingly make yourself appear to be, but that you also know enough about the person that you can perform improv as them, and make it comedic. The most successful turns result in iconic comedic goal a la Aquaria's "Any hole is a goal" as Melania Trump. The worst ... well, let's just focus on the good stuff.

This year prepare to see Cardi B, Tina Turner, and Patricia Quinn among the names of those to be impersonated.

Of course, as we all know Drag Race isn't just a competition; it's a reality show. The new preview nods to that as Brita brings up how she feels about Aiden Zhane being safe. Again.

Zhane, who has clearly had enough of it says in a confessional: "Quiet Aiden isn't going to be quiet for much longer."

Feel like you're only getting half the story? Someone clearly isn't watching Untucked!

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