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'Drag Race' Season 12 Queens Drag Aiden Zhane In New Preview

Drag Race season 12 queens.

Looks like you weren't the only one who thought she shouldn't be safe. 

* RuPaul's Drag Race season 12 has disqualified competitor Sherry Pie for misconduct of a sexual nature but she is still featured in episodic footage.

We're back, back, back again! RuPaul's Drag Race's long-running reading challenge hasn't started but in a new preview for this week's episode of the show, the shade is already flying.

Last week, much was discussed about RuPaul's decision to put Rock M'Sakura and Brita in the bottom. To be frank, it was less about putting those two in the bottom, and more about deciding that Aiden Zhane was safe. The producers of the show seemed to know it would cause a bit of a backlash and included a clip of Zhane telling people to "deal with it" right after the decision was made. Well, some of the other queens have thoughts!

"I just hear Rock M's crying and how badly she wanted this," Brita says walking into the Werk Room right after the elimination, reflecting on her immediate thoughts. "While other people did the bare minimum and skated by again." The camera immediately cuts to Zhane's face. Tell us how you really feel girl!

Brita wasn't the only one with thoughts.

"Week after the week I just feel more and more weakened," Nicky Doll says. "I see them seeing something in Aiden. They're like 'you're so special!' How can see something in her like that and because I look polished I just don't have it." Jaida Essence Hall took it even further, telling Zhane to her face she thought she was going to be in the bottom.

"Sis you take naps while all of us are working hard," Brita expands in a confessional. "She literally just put balls on a corset." Widow Von'Du later admits that Brita should have been safe while Zhane should have gone home. But the Georgia-based queen has a message or two for anyone who isn't feeling her.

"We're all in this competition together and we are all competing for the same crown," Zhane says. "So I don't care what your background is or what reputation you have, if the judges aren't seeing what they want to see from you then bitch, bye!"

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