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Can't Wait? 'Drag Race' Dropped 15 Minutes of This Week's Episode

Queens from RuPaul's Drag Race season 12.

"We done already done had ourses," 

Part one of RuPaul Drag Race's season 12 premiere was a good one. Nicki Minaj came in and did what she had to do. The first seven queens came in and did what they had to do. Even RuPaul's writers (maybe RuPaul is the only one but ... we would like to confirm) came in and did what they had to do. The result is we're all geared up and ready for the second part. Well, if you can't wait any longer, VH1 has dropped the first 15 minutes of the episode.

Though we've already met Widow Von'Du, Crystal Methyd, Gigi Goude, Heidi N Closet, Brita, Jackie Cox, and Nicky Doll, there's six more queens to be introduced to and here they come! Welcoming: Rock M. Sakura, Dahlia Sin, Sherry Pie, Jan, Jada Essence Hall, and Aiden Zhane.

"Oh, Jan Sport?!" Sakura asks once Jan makes her entrance, referring to the name the queen had previously gone by.

"Uh, it's just Jan!" Jan replies. "Just Jan!"

Pretty quickly the contestants realize that not only is there a diverse line up in terms of drag styles (camp queen, female impersonator, live singing queen, look queen, anime-comedy queen, spooky queen), but also that they aren't the only contestants. There's not only bags unpacked around at the various stations, but Von'Du has left a message on the window.

"We done already done had ourses," she wrote on the iconic mirror.

Let's see how these new queens fare in the episode's challenges.

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