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Dan Levy Covers EW, Talks ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Gay Kiss Censorship

Dan Levy

Levy and his father, Eugene, are two of EW's Entertainers of the Year.

Schitt's Creek creator and Happiest Season star Dan Levy is one of the cover stars of Entertainment Weekly's Entertainers of the Year Issue, with his dad Eugene. The pair appear alongside other Entertainers of the Year like Pedro Pascal, Kerry Washington, Chadwick Boseman, and Sascha Baron Cohen. In the accompanying feature, the Levy's discuss Schitt's Creek origins, what's in the future, and that gay kiss censorship controversy.

Back in October, Dan made headlines when he brought attention to an Indian promo of the much lauded series. He called it out for showing a kiss between two women but then editing out between two men.

"For me, it was a responsibility to investigate and get to the bottom of what was going on," he told EW of his call out. "There's a community of people that have really rallied around the show and found a sense of safety and security in it. I was very relieved to learn that the scene wasn't cut out of the show itself but rather the promo, but I think it's an important lesson to learn in terms of censorship of any kind. It was necessary to call it out."

He went on to emphasize that it's his job to make sure the show is as inclusive in practice as it is in theory. "As one of the gatekeepers of the show, you can't just turn a blind eye to something like that when you made the conscious choice to make a show about inclusivity," he said.

The magazine also brought up that a similar thing happened with gay scenes being edited out of airline edits of the movie Rocketman. Seeing that happen left Levy shook, and he pledged he would do better.

"When I heard the Rocketman stories, as a gay person I felt like, what is going on here?," Levy said, "It raises a fundamental question about the price of integrity when it comes to the work that you're making and how sometimes in this industry money talks in ways that overrides the intention of what is being made"

The interview also goes into topics like the show's record breaking Emmy night, being a family of actors and creators, being a family of entertainers and much more.

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