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RuPaul Has a New, Important Message to Give You

RuPaul in Voting PSA

It will be quite a while before we get new content from Mama Ru. Though the first half of our year was front-loaded with RuPaul's Drag Race content — the regular season, Secret Celebrity Drag Race, All Stars, and Vegas Revue, all of which she appeared in — these next few months might give us some reprieve. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have things to say. In addition to bringing back both her Instagram and Twitter account (well, beginning to actually use them again) the long-reigning queen of drag, has a brand new public service announcement.

"Welcome back ladies," she says at the beginning of the clip, clearly pulled from the most recent season of Drag Race. "This is your last chance."

"The time has come," she continues in a phrase we've been hearing for just over a decade now. "For you to VOTE for your life. And don't fuck it up."

The slight turn of her own phrase goes within a longstanding thread of the show of not only patriotism but of being politically engaged. Though the show certainly exposes the world to the art of drag, it also gives viewers everywhere real face-time, week after week, with queer people and more importantly the issues they face. This comes in addition to having challenges themed around political topics on occasion. At the end of each episode this season there was a call out to viewers to register to vote as well.

The new PSA urges viewers to vote early in this election.

"Vote for your life," Ru repeats again at the clip's end dressed in all her red, white, and blue regalia, the studio lights behind shining in the same hues. Well you heard the woman!

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