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Here's the Actor From 'AJ and the Queen' With the Big Butt

Two men standing in a kitchen with no shirts on.

*This post, surprisingly, avoids spoiling almost any plot of AJ and the Queen.

AJ and the Queen is about a drag queen on a cross country tour, toting a 10-year-old with her. And that's great and fine and we'll get to that later in a review of the series. But right now, it's time to get some thirsty questions answered. Primarily: who was that guy caked up in the season finale of the show.

Listen, we aren't here to spoil the plot or anything, but to be frank: the butts in RuPaul's new Netflix show are not that great. Someone had to say it! They just aren't. And that's ok, all booties matter. That said, there are two actual ass shots in the show, one of which was frankly surprising. It came out of nowhere really and there was a lot to take in!

In the final episode, there's a scene where a character is caught mid-hookup. (This is about to get a little convoluted but we are trying to not spoil it.) The scene sort of winks at the now-infamous "In front of my salad," girl by presenting two characters, who had clearly been hooking up, now caught by a third. At one point, we are presented with a wide shot of the scene rom a different angle than the sequence had been shot from prior. And the view is ... well, just look.

A shot from AJ and the Queen with a guy standing in a kitchen with no pants on.

If you were wondering, the actor who plays the character of Jordan (it's no offense but we can say his name considering his role is pretty minor) is one Constantine Rousouli. According to his IMDB, he also did a six-episode stint as Hunter on the Charmed reboot and has bagged roles in How to Be a Vampire and more. He also is a theater performer having performed as Sebastian in the Cruel Intentions musical on Off-Broadway recently. And of course, he also participates in Broadway Bares, helping to raise $2 million this year for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, where he took on a role as a pilot. In years past, he even played the role of Link Larkin in Hairspray, a role that he said "changed [his] life."

And now that you have all of the details you probably just want the Instagram. Well, we've got that for you too. 

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