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RuPaul Kisses Husband After Winning Sixth Emmy

rupaul sixth emmy

RuPaul Charles just nabbed a sixth Emmy for over a decade of work with RuPaul’s Drag Race

Charles, who is undoubtedly the most well-known drag queen in the world, picked up an Emmy Award on Sunday night for Best Reality Competition Program. Before going onstage to receive his trophy, he kissed his husband, Georges LeBar, on the live broadcast. Then he mounted the steps alongside the rest of the World of Wonder staff, which produces Drag Race in its many iterations.

“We are so proud of this show and we’re so happy for all the gorgeous kids who come on and show how fabulous they are,” Charles said onstage. He was back only minutes later to present an award alongside Zendaya — who was making the most convincing bid to be cast for Poison Ivy that we’ve ever seen. Charles was wearing a Zaldy suit, as is his habit because he doesn’t wear drag at red carpet events.

But later backstage, he was questioned about the team who joined him onstage.

In the press room, Danielle Young from Essence asked Charles about the diversity of the World of Wonder production team, which is run by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato and appeared mostly white from those who joined the host on stage.

“First of all, the host of our show is Black, gay, and a drag queen,” Charles responded. “So check, check, and check. Yes, there are lots of different types of people here. Diversity, is it important? Yes.”

He referenced, in particular, Jacqueline Wilson, the co-executive producer that he dedicated the Creative Arts Emmy Award he won last week in the Outstanding Host category. Wilson, who is a Black woman, recently died, and in a tribute at the time, Charles described her contributions as “invaluable.”

The award-winning host continued on in the press room: “It wasn’t easy getting here. You know what I had to do, and some of the things I had to do, I won’t repeat.”

The Drag Race family is currently prepping for the show’s debut in the U.K. in early October.

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